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Bicycles and scooters

Bicycle racks are provided near the administration block. Children who ride bicycles or scooters to school are expected to place them correctly in these racks.

Under no circumstances are bicycles or scooters to be ridden in the school grounds, unless specifically under the direction of a teacher and for a particular purpose. As a safety precaution children are required to walk their bicycles or scooters along the footpath on Kruger Parade and across the crossing if they use this as an entry and exit. It is recommended children lock their bicycles or scooters to the bicycle racks. This action will minimise the danger of theft.

Children are to keep out of the bicycle area unless placing or removing their own bicycles/scooters. Bicycles/scooters are to be wheeled into the grounds through the side gate in Lehar Street. It is expected that children will wear helmets in accordance with the law and to this end the school policy is:

'Helmets protect heads, if you have a bike or scooter at school, have a helmet'


Bus transport provided by Westside Bus Service (Phone: 3288 1333), is available from Goodna, Collingwood Park and Redbank Plains areas.

A variety of local child care centres provide buses to and from out of hours school care. Please check with the local centres for extra information.

Teachers are rostered to supervise children waiting to board their respective buses but, once on the bus, the parents are responsible for their children's behaviour. 

In the event of unsafe behaviour parents will be contacted by the bus company. There is a current transport code of conduct that is well advertised to our students. Breaches of this code may result in a student being excluded from bus travel by the company.

Any bus concerns need to be addressed to the bus company or child care centre.


In the interests of the safety of your children, signs have been placed at both vehicular entrances advising that entry of cars to the grounds is limited to staff, delivery and emergency pick-up vehicles only.

Drop off zone

The Drop Off Zone has two very clear areas for parent use.  The drop zone is a no parking area, parents are to stop drop and drive though the area keeping traffic flowing.  There are limited short term park zones in the area also. For the safety of children and parents please use areas correctly.

No section of our school grounds is to be used by parents for parking or for 'picking up' or 'delivering' children unless prior arrangements are made with the Principal e.g. in the case of a child with a disability. Parents are encouraged to use the 'drop and drive' area near the hall or the Lehar Street entrance.  Please note that extended parking is not allowed in this area for everyone's safety.

Child care collection

Education Queensland requires all parents/caregivers to provide written authority to allow schools to release any children into the hands of a third party. In this case the 'third party' is the outside school hours care (OSHC) providers.

Parents/caregivers are strongly advised to fill out the child care authority form attached to the School’s enrolment form so that your child’s continued transfer to outside school hours providers can be safely facilitated.

Last reviewed 04 March 2019
Last updated 04 March 2019