Behaviour management


​​​​​​​Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a way of working, supporting and teaching students how to behave appropriately in our school setting. The key to PBS is focusing on what is being done well by the student/s, and providing positive feedback to the student/s about these safe, respectful and best effort behaviours. PBS also corrects inappropriate behaviours and explicitly teaches students how they need to behave in order to be successful and achieve highly in the school environment.

Kruger State School has three major expectations – Be Safe, Be Respectful and Best Effort.

It is expected that children who are proud of their school, their family and themselves will, at all times, display consideration for others in school, in the playground and on the way to and from school. They will show respectful behaviour towards school staff, parent helpers and visitors.  Students are required to put their best effort in at all times whether in the classroom, playground, sporting activities or on excursion.

Every week students in all classes are taught focus lessons on school expectations, they are provided with clear guidelines of what and how we expect Kruger Team members to behave and act at Kruger SS.


Kruger State School encourages and supports students’ positive behaviours by acknowledging their efforts, including (but not exclusively):

  • Gotchas

  • Class rewards on parade

  • Principal – ‘Pride of Kruger’ Awards

  • Early Bird Awards/Super Stars

The Principal’s Pride of Kruger Award is given to a limited number of students in each year level at the Whole School Parade. The recipients are invited to an exclusive morning tea hosted by the Principal each term. Pride of Kruger awards are given to students who demonstrate going above and beyond, showing good citizenship, have pride in themselves and pride in school.

Behaviour support is consistent and firm, though fair and just.  Children are encouraged to become self motivated, to develop responsibility for their own behaviour and to be cooperative.  They are also introduced to the need for responsible leadership as an integral part of their overall development. 

A Responsible Behaviour Code guides our approach to providing a safe learning environment.

The Code of School Behaviour - Responsible Behaviour Plan which you would have signed on enrolment informs how student behaviour is managed at Kruger State School. Please see a copy of this document on the website or you are able to see a hard copy at the school office.

The safety of our students is imperative in the school. We have a management plan for playground and classroom that provides a supportive environment for our students.

Playground infringements

Students receive a 'blue card' which details the unacceptable behaviours. Students engaging in physical violence or any kind of unsafe or bullying behaviour are sent to a designated classroom for the play time. Withdrawal time depends on the seriousness of the actions as judged by the teacher on duty in the’ blue room’.

Classroom misbehaviour

Students are supported to uphold the Kruger Expectations and failure to do so may result in time in Break Space, Buddy Class. For major misbehaviours students are referred to the Deputy Principal using an “orange card”. Parents will be contacted when necessary.

Inappropriate use of ICTs

All internet traffic (including websites and emails) is monitored through Education Queensland.  Parents and students have signed an internet usage agreement upon enrolment. Student downloads/internet surfing are to be for curriculum purposes only.  Social media sites are not acceptable school use. Students who use the ICT system with inappropriate language or to harass another student will face serious consequences at the school such as suspension.

Suspensions and exclusions

In extreme cases, the school Principal may use the suspension or exclusion process. This process is a formal one and is recorded in our school and departmental records.  Exclusion occurs very rarely.

These measures are taken when all other methods of support have failed to modify the behaviour of the student or when his/her behaviour escalates quickly to become a danger to him/her or to the safety of other students. The safety of all students is the highest priority in our school.

Parents are notified as soon as possible to enable them to make arrangements that need to be made to take the student out of the school for the specified period of time.

Last reviewed 13 August 2021
Last updated 13 August 2021