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Focus on Supporting Positive Student Behavior

This year we are focusing our teaching and response to ongoing negative behaviours towards others, by working with a new language of STOP, WALK, TALK.  This new language also supports those students who stand by and watch these negative behaviours but do nothing to stop them from happening.  We refer to these individuals as BYSTANDERS.  They are part of the “audience” that stands by and watches other individual hurt other students – with words; their hands; and feet or non-verbal comments. In many schools across the state, this BYSTANDER behaviour is one of the main reasons small problems become a BIG PROBLEM. 
Throughout 2014, our teachers will be teaching your children our 3 short, sharp and clear responses to remind all students of the appropriate RESPECTFUL and SAFE behaviours that are expected at Kruger SS. 
  • STOP (with the hand signal) tells students that the behaviour they are displaying is NOT OK!  It reinforces that we as a school and as a student/friend will not allow this behaviour to continue.
  • WALK (with hand signal) tells the students that if they continue then they are on their own and will deal with the consequences on their own.  Students will be encouraged to walk away, turn their back and give no attention to the inappropriate behaviour. 
  • TALK (with hand signal) tells the students that they have been given chances to turn their behaviour around and they have not done this – so now staff members become involved in sorting out the problem.  If the TALK word is used, it also tells the student that he/she has now made a small problem a BIG PROBLEM by not stopping the negative/inappropriate behaviour with their friends’ support.

Process for Prep - Yr 3 Students

Stop,         Walk,        Talk'

Process for Yr 4 - 5 Students

Enough        Time-out       Talk'