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Focus on - vocabulary


At Kruger State School, we focus on teaching and developing our students’ vocabulary, because knowing a variety of words is important for language development and communication. A strong vocabulary forms the foundation for academic achievement. Research shows vocabulary is the strongest predictor of reading success! Vocabulary can be described as the number of words that a child understands and the number of words a child uses. As the school Speech Language Pathologist, I have been working closely with the Prep, Grade 1 and Grade 2 teachers to introduce an approach for teaching vocabulary in the classroom. The students are really enjoying learning new and interesting words in the classroom, so why not have some fun and talk about new words at home?

Here are some ideas:


Engage your child in conversation every day. Use new and interesting words in your conversation. Talk about what the child is seeing so that the words and concepts you use, match what the child sees.  Choose different kinds of words to talk about (e.g., not just names of things but also action and describing words).

Read to your child each day. When the book contains a new or interesting word, pause and have a chat about the word. Tell them what it means and relate the new word to things your child already knows. Eg. “Gigantic means very big or huge. Remember when we saw the elephant at the zoo, it was gigantic!”

Repeat, repeat, repeat! Let your child hear new words many times in different ways and situations.  Your child may need this repetition in order to learn the new word or concept.

Encourage your child to tell you if he/she doesn’t understand your words.