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Focus on - iPads (Carol Berry DP)


IPads are being used in Year 1 and 2 classrooms almost daily, while Preps will begin using their iPads in Semester 2.  IPads are used as one of the classroom tools to reinforce concepts and strategies taught during, in particular, English, Reading and Maths lessons.  Each class has access to between 6 and 10 iPads for their class.  Whole class lessons with their teacher can occur through negotiation and timetabling with the other classes in the year level. Chosen Aps are used so that students can practise:


  • Handwriting

  • Phonics

  • Patterning

  • Maths concepts – counting, operations, shape, time, measurement etc…

  • Reading and reading comprehension

  • Mind mapping


As well, each Yr 1 and 2 class has an iPad lesson with Mrs Barden every week.  She is covering the following Aps or concepts during her lessons:


  • Mind Mapping

  • Word Processing skills – font , size, inserting images


Use of the camera to take photos and/or videos and insert them into other programs:


  • Book Creator


Introduction to Coding using Beebots (coming in Semester 2)