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Focus on finger gym - Melanie Denton (Head of Special Education Services)


This term we have been doing Finger Gym three mornings a week before school.  The Finger Gym program not only focusses on fine motor skills (cutting, manipulating objects, moving muscles), it also aims to promote the development of school readiness skills such as:

  • Asking for help
  • Maintaining a stable sitting position
  • Organising work space and equipment
  • Following visual and auditory directions
  • Initiating and completing a task
  • Transitioning from one task to another
  • Problem solving
  • Becoming aware of other students and their needs


Some of the activities that students have been completing include:

  • Threading
  • Sorting
  • Cutting
  • Puzzles
  • Tying knots


The activities are divided into 5 categories: strengthening skills (big muscles/strong hands); sensory and planning skills; fine motor coordination skills; pencil to paper skills and cutting skills.  The students have enjoyed participating and are having fun learning new skills.


A special thankyou to all of the parents that have been ensuring their child is at school at 8:00am on the days we run the program.  Without your commitment to this, we would not have been as successful. 


Some suggestions for activities that can be done at home:

  • Playdoh (rolling, pinching, cutting)

  • Chalk (drawing pictures, shapes, writing letters, drawing different lines – zig zag, straight, curved)

  • Cutting pictures from magazines and creating a collage

  • Tying shoe laces

  • Threading beads, pasta

  • Rolling marbles; blowing marbles with a straw; flicking marbles

  • Balancing


If you have any concerns about your child in this area, and would like the opportunity to participate in this program, please see the class teacher (note there are limited spaces available).