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Focus on - chaplaincy - Judy Thompson (Deputy Principal)


School Chaplains have been providing social, emotional and spiritual support in schools for 25 years.  There are 213 schools with chaplains in the Greater Brisbane area, 145 in Logan and the Gold Coast and 131 schools with chaplains in the Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay Region.

Chaplains are commonly found in their natural habitat – with students.  They spend over 80% of their time during school lunch breaks with students – in the playground, in the chaplain’s room, running chaplaincy activities or participating in school activities.

Kruger State School has a wonderful chaplain called David Sedwell.  David is a local having lived in this community for over 22 years.  Married with 5 of his own children whose ages range from 2 to 19 years, David easily connects with students, building positive relationships as a role-model.  David has been attached to Kruger for the past 2 years.

Parents/care givers can make contact with David through the Office on any Monday, Thursday and/or Friday.  Or simply drop in for a quick chat in the S.E.U. building where you can also find H.O.S.E. Melanie Denton.

David is involved with students throughout the school.  On Monday at 1st Break David co-ordinates the ‘Good Start’ Program.  This is a sign-in program for Pacific Islander students in Years 3 & 4.  Each week, between 30–40 students attend and learn about Healthy Food. During First Term the focus was on Sugar and Healthy Snacks.  This Term students have been looking at the importance of Vegetables in their daily diet.

The focus of Healthy Choices will be continued with Preps as well this term.  David will be involved with the juicing of fruit and vegetables and teaching about the importance of these nutritious foods especially during the winter months when there are so many colds and flu around.

Also in his program on Thursday are Board Games in the Library.  Games to be played are varied, building upon games skills, social interactions and plain old-fashioned fun.

David also is the bus driver for transporting the Kruger Rugby League Team to their inter-school games.  He travels with lots of school class excursions and is generally around to give general assistance to staff as needed.

School chaplains are available to everyone.  Their support and advocacy for students is invaluable. David Sedwell is just a phone call or visit away from helping if you or your child/children need his help and assistance.