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Focus on - IPads (Christine Mills - ICT Specialist Teacher)


At Kruger, the purpose of our ICT classes is to ensure our students are able to develop digital capabilities to not only use available technology, but to also engage in the technologically diverse society that exists today.  Kruger kids have a unique opportunity to develop digital capabilities such as basic interactive skills e.g. gesture movements and expanding these skills by merging them to create a product.

In Term One, students in

  • Year 1s were engaged in learning the basic fine motor skills essential for any interactive device.

  • Year 2s revised their hand gestures and applied these skills to the Keynote app (short for application) to create a short presentation about their family. 

  • Year 3s and 4s worked incredibly hard to develop the essential PC skill of touch typing. 

In Term Two, our Kruger students are taking their skills to the next level.

  • Year 1s are currently developing their cyber-safety skills by learning to protect their personal information and who they can safely share their information with (see image of student Trust Circles)

  • Year 2s are learning about old technology and how it has affected our society. To support this, students have already visited our mini-museum of ‘old’ technology (see image of class visit) and have been in awe of what technology was really like and how it has evolved over the last four decades to ultimately produce the smart phones of today.

  • Year 3s are putting their touch typing skills to good practise as they learn how to produce formatted documents using Microsoft Word.

  • Year 4s are developing and refining their presentation skills with the use of Microsoft PowerPoint.  By using this program, students are realising that there is more than one way to use technology to achieve their desired results.

If you wish to find out more about what your child is currently learning, I encourage you to check out the following links:

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