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Focus on - positive behaviour support at kruger - Ms Lisa McLeod – head of curriculum learning engagement


Student Support 

Every week, Kruger students are explicitly taught a behaviour focus from our school’s list of behaviour expectations.  Students are shown what the expectation looks like, what to do when things don’t quite go right and how to ensure that they are fully engaged in their learning.  This term, our lessons are focused on the following school wide expectations –


Term Two

Lesson Focus

Week 1

Following Instructions

Follow instructions the first time

Week 2

Cyber Safety

Keep safe while using the internet

Week 3

Taking Turns

We wait our turn

Week 4

The Blue Room

Keep playtime problems small

Week 5

Accidental and Intentional Harm

We look after one another

Week 6


1.Kruger says No To Bullying poster

2. Is it bullying?

Week 7

Being Strong and Truthful

Kruger kids are strong & truthful

Week 8

Taking a Risk

We take safe risks

Week 9


Are you in control?

Week 10

Celebration Day

Staff Development

Our teachers are involved in various teams throughout the year to ensure that we are constantly learning and reflecting upon our practices.

This year, the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Professional Learning Team has three subcommittees.  

Lesson Planning Team

The Lesson Planning Team is a group of junior and senior teachers who are responsible for writing weekly behaviour lessons across the school.  The focus of PBS lessons is to support students in living our three expectations; Be Safe, Be Respectful, Best Effort.   The lessons currently being planned for next term will include:

  • team building activities to encourage positive social interactions and problem solving
  • a focus on student’s being able to regulate and self-manage their anger
  • video messages and photos from our student council to support positive behaviour

  • lessons on cyber safety

You will see the weekly behaviour focus posted on the door of your student’s classroom.  Please encourage your children to share what they are learning in these lessons with you.  Feel free also to talk to teachers about how you can support your child with learning these skills.

Data Team

The Data Team are responsible for analysing the behaviours that are occurring in our classrooms and playground, as well as where and when they occur.  This team tells us what behaviour skills our students are improving on and which still need work.  That information is provided to the Lesson Planning Team to inform their lessons. 

Process and Artefact Team

This team is currently reviewing our Anti Bullying policy and processes to ensure students are appropriately supported should they become victims or perpetrators of school bullying. Kruger is a Bullying No Way! school and takes allegations of bullying seriously.   Following the review, students, staff, parents and the community will be informed of our updated processes to ensure we are all able to correctly identify and act on suspected bullying.

The school’s Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students, which includes the school’s expectations about behaviour and a range of consequences for appropriate and inappropriate behaviour, is also being updated as it is due for endorsement by the P&C this year. This is a public document that can be found on our school website