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Focus On Positive Behaviour Support at Kruger State School: Part 1 - Cherie Moore Deputy Principal

Over the next three newsletters I will be sharing with you an overview of the work that is done every day, in every classroom with every student.  This work is called Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and focuses on setting high expectations for all members of the school community.  PBS supports teachers to spend time teaching to help students with learning how to be the best student they can be.
PBS is based on three key areas:
  • TEACH – every student/teacher exactly what we want students to DO
  • ROUTINES – making sure that classrooms/playgrounds times are smooth, easy and predictable for all students
  • REWARDS – acknowledging students when they have shown appropriate learning and social behaviour to encourage students to keep doing these behaviours
At Kruger State School our three “Kruger Team” expectations are: BE RESPECTFUL, BEST EFFORT and BE SAFE.  This language is really important and known by all our school members.  All our conversations with students in the playground or in their classrooms include these expectations.  To ensure that students are clear about how the expectations look/sound at our school we have weekly lessons – which we call SWPBS lessons. In these lessons we focus on ensuring that all students know what to do, when to do it and how to do it.  This is very important for student success at Kruger State School.
Some of the lesson focuses are: dealing with put downs, preventing bullying, building friendships skills, learning about classroom expectations, speaking respectfully, talking firmly and reporting.
This approach to supporting students in their learning and behaviour has shown some great result for our students.  Our Blue Room playground referral (for inappropriate playground behaviour) has reduced by 33% in 2013.  Our Office referrals (for inappropriate classroom behaviour) have reduced by 25% in 2013 from 2012. And our Suspension data has reduced by 18% since 2012.  This means that are students are spending more time learning and playing every day.   A great result for our school and our students.
Cherie Moore
Deputy Principal