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Focus On Mathematics

Focus on Mathematics –
As part of our School Improvement Agenda we are focusing on Maths Problem Solving
This year a major curriculum focus for the school is Mathematics. The Australian Curriculum is in its second year of implementation and the Curriculum into the Classroom (C2C Qld’s response to the Australian Curriculum) is being taught throughout Kruger State School. The school is purchasing new resources as well as producing our own resources to assist teachers in the delivery of this new Maths curriculum.
The area of Problem Solving is being explicitly taught throughout the school. Students are being taught specific problem solving strategies to assist them and these are introduced developmentally across the school. Resources have been developed and are being used in the classroom to maximise student engagement and to allow for differentiated learning by the students.
The Problem Solving Process that students are using is:
·         See (What is the important information that you need to solve the problem?)
·         Plan (Circle the strategy you are going to use to solve the problem.)
·         Do (Carry out your plan. Calculate your answer.)
·         Check (Reread the question. Does your answer make sense? Is it reasonable? Was the strategy you used a good choice? Why or why not?)
Problem Solving Strategies that students are being taught are listed below. Students make decisions about what strategies they will use to solve any particular problems.
·         Draw a table
·         Draw a picture
·         Identify the operation
·         Brainstorm
·         Make a model or act it out
·         Guess and Check
·         Look for a Pattern
·         Work backwards
·         Create a Tree Diagram
·         Simplify the problem
·         Make a list
·         Use Logical Reasoning