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Focus On Kruger State School Behaviour Matrix 2014


The Kruger State School Behaviour Matrix 2014 is attached to the back of this Newsletter. This document can also be viewed by clicking on the link below or via the Kruger State School website then click on (Support and Resources/Behaviour Management/Kruger State School Behaviour Matrix 2014) 

What is it?

It is a grid that explains what our three expectations at Kruger State School (BE SAFE, BEST EFFORT and BE RESPECTFUL) look like and sound like at school.  By having clear behaviours under our expectations, all school community members understand what is required at school and how they can meet these expectations. 

Why do we use it?

The Behaviour Matrix helps us talk and work with students and their families to understand some of the key behaviours that are required at school to be a successful student and community member.  We teach these behaviours every week to your child/ren.   These behaviours may be the same as what you expect in your home BUT they can also be different as school and home are different.  Just like home and work are different!

Who is it for?

The Kruger Team Behaviour Matrix is for all school community members, every day and in all different settings across the school.  All staff and students are aware of and regularly talk to students about these expectations, whether this is in the classroom, playground, with a parent or when attending sporting events outside the school.

Our expectations are also linked to our GOTCHA system that supports students by providing positive feedback when they meet these expectations.

How can it help me and my child/ren?

You may like to read through these expectations with your child/ren and see if they have any concerns about them.  You can display the Behaviour Matrix on your fridge and practise using the language at home to better support your child/ren at school.  You may like to give them reminders before school.  You may like to talk about the differences between home and school expectations – and what they need to do to be successful in both.