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Focus On ICT - Justin Smith Deputy Principal

Focus on ICT - Justin Smith Deputy Principal
Last time we highlighted the new projectors and interactive whiteboards installed in the classrooms.  Today I would like to announce that we have had a major upgrade to a higher bandwidth internet service based on a fibre-only line into the school.  This has been a significant investment by the school, but it is certainly worth it.
This new ‘GWIP’ service has resulted in quicker access for both the staff and students.  Now there is minimal waiting time when students are researching over the internet, even when we have many classes all accessing the network at the same time.  It allows students to access programs that are hosted outside of the school in a very efficient way and teachers are able to easily stream video into the classroom.  The school office can now process all information more quickly.
The school has also just purchased 60 new software titles that will be used across all year levels both as a whole class tool and as part of group rotations. In addition, both computer rooms will be running “Typing Tournament”, which is an interactive program that teaches students to type.  It records where students are at and allows them to progress at their rate.  It will be used predominantly with the year 1-3 ICT classes, but will be available to all.  While I cannot say that these junior students will automatically become touch typists, it will make them quicker and more familiar with the keyboard as a tool.  It has the added benefit of assisting them with capital-letter recognition.
Finally, we have purchased new tables and office chairs for the Block 2 computer room.  This will allow the room to look more professional but will also avoid problems with cables and will give the older students a lot more room.
Rest assured that ICTs are truly on the agenda at Kruger and your child is getting experiences which prepare them for the 21st century.