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Focus on attendance - Judy Thompson (Deputy Principal)


Every Day Counts at Kruger.


Congratulations students, parents and caregivers!

Our school data for attendance during Term 1 shows high improvement all round.  The Term 1 goal was to reach 92% of students attending for the 10 weeks. This figure was achieved by the majority of classes at Kruger. Outstandingly, a number of classes scored higher and we also had four classes who finished the term with the excellent figures of 95% attendance. 

These four classes were 5G with 95.63%; PK with 95.31%; 4E with 95.22% and 5U with 95.18%!  Congratulations and very well done.

At Kruger S.S., we are all keen to be continually improving in every facet of schooling, including academic, sporting, cultural and social-behavioural endeavours.  The challenge for Term 2 will be to see how high our attendance figures can be across the school and which individual classes can set the ‘high bar’ figure for Term 2.

How Do We Meet the Challenge?


Since the introduction of the State Education Act of 1875, there is a legal obligation on all Queensland parents to ensure that their children attend school unless there is a reasonable excuse. So……

Students need to attend every day.  Every Day Counts at Kruger.

Research shows, that on average, higher student attendance is associated with higher student achievement and further that every day absent in the early years has a greater effect on reading performance in later years.  Noticeable improved achievement is not only in the academic areas, but regular attendance also helps children build social and emotional skills e.g. communication, teamwork and resilience.

Students need to attend every day. Every Day Counts at Kruger.

Education Queensland requires that a reason be provided and recorded for all student absences on our computerised records.  A brief note to the teacher or a telephone call to the Office on 38149333 is all that is required each time e.g. illness, holiday or personal reason.  Kruger State School also has a 24 hr dedicated student absentee telephone line 3814 9360 where parents/caregivers can leave messages about student absences.

Students need to attend every day. Every Day Counts at Kruger.

Any absence from school constitutes a loss of educational opportunity for a child. Learning happens every day, continually reinforcing and building upon previous knowledge.   Regular absence may be a critical indicator of disengagement in later years and can lead to some very adverse and negative outcomes for students. 

Students need to attend every day.  Every Day Counts at Kruger.

Some student absences are unavoidable due to illness etc. and Kruger parents/caregivers are very respectful and courteous about notifying the school about these.  However, one area of concern is the number of unexplained absences that some of our students have.  We ask that parents notify the school on each and every occasion that your child is absent from school.  Sadly, we live in complex communities, where it can quickly become a personal safety issue for students who find themselves in unsafe situations on the way to school or who decide to play truant and unintentionally place themselves in harm’s way.  It is vital for the safety of all to know that children who are supposed to be at school, are in school. 

Accept the Challenge.  Be at school Every Day.  Make Every Day at Kruger Count.

Yours in Education