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Every day counts


One of Kruger’s most important aims this year is to have every student attend school on every school day. Regular attendance at school has proven to be one of the most important things to improve student achievement- and that’s what we are about - improving student achievement.

I have asked all teachers to regularly talk with students about “Every Day Counts” and the importance of being on time to school every day.

Below are some very interesting facts:

1 or 2 days absent from school may not seem much but…………….


If your child misses….



That equals…


Which is….


And over 13 years of schooling that’s……….

1 day per fortnight
20 days per year
4 weeks per year
Nearly 1 year 5 mths
1 day per week
40 days per year
8 weeks per year
Over 2 years 5 mths
2 days per week
80 days per year
16 weeks per year
Over 5 year
Early Departures ……..   Every Minute Counts….

Part of regular school attendance is being at school all day.  8.25a.m. – 2.30p.m.  I understand that sometimes there will be a reason for students to be collected earlier than 2.30p.m. but this needs to be an occasional rather than a regular thing.  I encourage you to avoid collecting your child early, unless it is for an emergency situation.

Below are some staggering calculations to support the Every Day All Day Counts message

Just a little bit late


Leave a little bit early but…

He/She is only missing just….
That equals
Which is
And over 13 years of schooling that’s
10 minutes per day
50 minutes per week
Nearly 1.5 weeks per Yr
Nearly Half a year
20 minutes per day
1 hr 40 mins per wk
Over 2.5 Weeks per Yr
Nearly 1 year
Half an hour per day
Half a day per week
4 weeks per Year
Nearly 1 and a Half years
1 hour per day
1 day per week
8 weeks per year
Over 2 and a Half years